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AFT And WVEA Challenge Return To In-Person Instruction

The American Federation of Teachers - West Virginia on Monday sent a Freedom of Information request to West Virginia Schools State Superintendent Clayton Burch.

According to the letter, posted on the organization’s website, the documents are regarding the return to school for some students across the state beginning Jan. 19.

The letter, signed by AFT-W.Va. President Fred Albert, requests the following:

  • A copy of the letter, signed by all 55 county superintendents, asking for the return to face-to-face instruction for elementary and middle school.

  • Data regarding confirmed school related COVID-19 cases and outbreaks.

  • All school grading data or the aggregate data referenced stating that one-third of students who are using remote or virtual learning are failing.

President of the West Virginia Education Association Dale Lee also expressed the opposition of the return to school by the WVEA.

Lee says, regarding the spread of the virus, schools are just potentially more dangerous than other workplaces and said he doesn’t think it’ll be safe for teachers to go back to classrooms full-time until every school employee who wants a COVID-19 vaccine can get both doses and then wait the mandatory number of days before the vaccine takes effect.

Last week, Gov. Jim Justice announced elementary and middle school students would be returning to school five days a week, regardless of how high COVID-19 numbers are.

High school students would be returning to five days a week of in-person instruction, as long as their county isn’t in the red.



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