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Alum Creek Man Arrested For Breaking Into Woman's Home

An Alum Creek man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a woman’s home in Boone County.

The victim said 46-year-old Carl Edward Perdue of Alum Creek had been harassing her for some time.

According to a criminal complaint, Perdue broke into the victim’s house while she was at work and was sitting in her living room naked from the waist down when she returned.

The woman told police she started yelling for the suspect to leave as she backed out of her front door and walked back to her car. She said the man left after she had screamed at him for several minutes.

According to the victim, the woman has faced multiple accounts of harassment from Perdue.

Perdue was charged with burglary, destruction of property, stalking and indecent exposure. He is currently being held at the Southwestern Regional Jail on a $75,000 bond.



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