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Appalachian Power Seeks Rate Increase

Appalachian Power Company says it’s seeking to recover $73 million it’s already spent on fuel for its power plants and efforts to keep its power lines clear of trees and vegetation.

The company, along with Wheeling Power, filed rate hike requests with the state Public Service Commission Friday. If granted, the average customer’s bill would go up about $8 a month, Appalachian Power said in a news release.

Appalachian Power and other electric utilities have what’s called Expanded Net Energy Cost (ENEC), which allows them to be reimbursed on a dollar-for-dollar basis for what they pay for coal and natural gas to run their plants.

Friday’s filing with the PSC also seeks reimbursement for Appalachian Power’s Vegetation Management Program.

Appalachian Power is seeking another $5 million to cover the costs of its energy efficiency and demand response programs.

If all the requests are granted by the PSC, the customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month would see a 6% increase in rates which is about $8.10 a month. The customer using 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity would see their bills go up about $16.20 a month.

The PSC will set a schedule for the case to be considered.

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