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Boone County Employees Receive Pay Bonuses

PHOTO | Boone County WV Sheriff (facebook)

The Boone County Commission authorized a one-time bonus payments for county employees.

County deputies and 9-1-1 employees will receive a $2,500 and all other county employees will receive $1,200 each.

The one-time bonus is the additional compensation for the county workers in over eight years.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department is down to sixteen positions for road deputies and one of those is presently unfilled. The county had 24 road deputies just a few years ago.

“Everybody is having to pick up the slack and the call volume hasn’t decreased.” Boone County Sheriff Chad Barker told MetroNews. “We’re taking the same amount of calls with fewer people,” Barker said.

The money for the bonus comes from the Boone County allocation from the American Rescue Plan and CARES Act funding.



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