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City of Logan puts up $5,000 cash & scholarships for litter clean-up contests


LOGAN The City of Logan is giving away $5,000 in prize money and scholarships for cleaning up the city.

First, a contest began Saturday and runs the rest of April to win thousands of dollars picking up litter in the City of Logan. Its part of an over all effort in the county to push for cleaner communities.

The Logan County Commission is behind a campaign for communities and municipalities to ban together for a county wide clean up. Commissioners in the county have set this year’s Earth Day on April 22 as the target day for combined efforts to clean-up litter.

The City of Logan’s contest takes place within the city limits of Logan. The contest is open to individuals and groups. Rules posted by city manager Amber Belcher and disclosed to WVOW Radio clarifies businesses and residential yards are not eligible.

A photo before and after the clean-up of an area is required and so is a minimum of twenty bags. Bags must also be photographed in the after picture.

The bags are to be dropped off at Logan City Hall.

Points are awarded by city council members following the clean-up. First place will receive $2,000 followed by second place with $1,000. Other places will receive: third place: $750, fourth place: $500, fifth place: $500 and sixth place: $250

An application is required and available by calling the City of Logan at 304-752-4044

The council will select winners after a review in May. The contest concludes April thirtieth

City of Logan, in addition to the clean-up contest, is currently accepting 35 second anti-litter video commercials from junior and senior high school students.

The contest is another effort to strive for a cleaner Logan. The top prize is $1,000 scholarship.

The commercial is expected to be videoed in the city and encourage a cleaner hometown. Entries are to be uploaded to the YouTube and a link provided to the city to review the video.

Winning commercial will be used for the city’s official anti-litter campaign.

For more information call call city hall at 304-752-4044



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