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Councilman Blevins receives Town of Man "Key to the City "

Former Mayor for the Town of Man received the Key to the City from Current Mayor John Fekete during the monthly meeting of the Man Town Council on Monday, April tenth.

AM Stone | WVOW News

MAN Man Mayor Fekete presented Former Mayor Jim Blevins with the key to the city

The 80-year-old Blevins served as Mayor of Man from 2007 until last February. Blevins resigned the Mayoral seat of the Town of Man, but council members appointed him to continue to serve on the council. Blevins finishes the unexpired council term of John Fekete who the council elevated to mayor.

Fekete, during the monthly Town Council meeting on Monday, April tenth, said he was giving the Key to the City, to not just a former mayor, but to his friend.

“He loves this town,” said Mayor Fekete. “He was truly a working mayor."

Fekete credited Blevins with the war memorial on WV 10, the home rule program in the Town of Man and saving the Market Street bridge.

Mayor Fekete and Councilman Blevins’ terms are up for election to this June thirteenth.

Mayor Fekete’s office is being contested by Anthony Hudgins and Mounain Man Vincent Doherty.

Blevins, David Brooks, Britt Gibson, Jack White, William “Joey” Corns and James Conn make up the contest for the Town Council of Man.



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