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Dingess man voicemail snitches on own stash

PHOTO | Logan County Sheriff's Dept.

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN, WVa A Dingess man faces charges after leaving incriminating voice mail.

Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy J.P. Ziegler arrested Michael Dale Payne on Thursday, April 7 in the vicinity of Dingess Mountain for driving while license revoked for DUI.

According to the complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate court, Payne contacted the sheriff’s office to retrieve some personal belongings from his vehicle impounded at Premium Towing in Cherry Tree. Mr. Payne allegedly disclosed that illegal narcotics where hidden on the passenger side of his 1995 Chevy Lumina while attempting to leave a voicemail with the sheriff’s department.

Deputy Ziegler applied for and was granted a search warrant on the vehicle. Police discovered suspected marijuana, crystal meth and digital scales inside a black SONY camera case..

Payne was charged with one count each possession with intent to deliver a schedule one and schedule two controlled substance. If convicted, each count carries penalties of up to a $25,000 fine, fifteen years imprisonment or both.



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