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Dog Shot In Boone County

The Boone Animal Rescue Coalition is working to save a dog shot with buckshot.

The dog was discovered in the Cazy area of Boone County and appeared to have been attacked by another animal. However, X-Rays revealed the animal was shot with a shotgun.

The pup is only a few months old and currently in critical but stable condition. The pooch can move its legs, but the animal won’t sit up.

The coalition is consulting on if treatment or surgery are an option for the animal.

The coalition has named the pup Mossberg.

B.A.R.C is accepting donations to cover costs of Mossberg's treatments. Donation can be mailed to the organization at:

Boone Animal Rescue Coalition

P.O. Box 536

Danville, WV 25053

Paypal donations are also being accepted at

PHOTO | Boone Animal Rescue Coalition

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