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Duo arrested, charges include drugs, conspiracy & mushrooms

PHOTO | Logan County Sheriff's Department

Esposito Mooney

Logan deputies made arrests in the City of Logan last week confiscated a large amount of drugs as part of an investigation.

Officers arrived at a Nighbert Avenue residence and contacted the homeowner, Thomas Esposito. The deputies reported the odor of marijuana at the residence and further alleged a clear bag of marijuana was visible sticking out of Esposito’s pocket.

Deputies informed the Espostio they were there to investigate possible drug activity. Mr. Esposito gave Deputies both written and verbal consent to search the residence, according to the complain filed in Logan County Magistrate Court.

Police entered residence, searched the first floor and located a vast amount of Marijuana in the living room and inside a refrigerator. Moreover, police allegedly found materials for packaging and distributing drugs.

A second suspect, Randall Todd Mooney, was located on the second floor of the residence.

According to the complaint, a second cache of pot was discovered in the room with Mooney as well as an assortment of pills such as:

25 suboxone

5 Xanax

105 Kolonopin

50 Adderall Pills

49 Roxicodone 30mg

92 Dextroamphetamine

1,920 Neurontin

Police also reported finding Meth, THC Wax and Psychedelic mushrooms.

According to deputies, a further investigation led Deputies to believe that Mooney had additional drugs at another residence. Upon obtaining written and verbal permission, a search was conducted of that residence where an additional 990 Neurontin pills and along with approximately eleven pounds of Marijuana.

It is further advised that both individuals are convicted felons, but Mooney allegedly has in his possession a .45 caliber pistol.

Esposito was charged with two counts of possession with the intent to deliver and two counts of conspiracy.

Mooney was charged with ten counts of possession with the intent to deliver, 10 counts conspiracy, a prohibited person with a firearm and a charge for the mushrooms.



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