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Earn a Bachelor's Degree at Southern.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College announced a partnership with Franklin University that will allow students to earn a bachelor's degree at Southern.

The program will create an opportunity for students to get the third year of their degree at Southern and receive it at a community college tuition rate. The 3 + 1 program can help students save money on textbook expenses and pay for their fourth year at $398 per semester hour.

Southern President Dr. Pamela Alderman said, “We are proud to partner with Franklin University for this exciting opportunity for our students.”

Virtual registration events will be offered on Wednesday March 31, April 21, and May 20. All the registrations last from 4pm-7pm.

Students who attend one of the events and register for a current term will receive a $100 book voucher and a $25 registration fee waiver.



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