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Florida Truck Driver Arrested In Connection With Mingo Co. Shooting Released On Bond

A Florida truck driver, who was being held on bond in Mingo County in connection with a shooting, has posted bond.

James Armstrong, 66, of Yulee, Fla. was taken into custody after shooting and killing Eric Sammons.

According to eyewitnesses, Sammons was outside of his vehicle screaming at Armstrong when he approached Armstrong’s coal truck. Armstrong shot and killed Sammons as Sammons tried to open the door of his truck. Armstrong is claiming self-defense.

A Mingo County magistrate sent the case to the Grand Jury citing probable cause held Armstrong on a $200,000 cash-only bond.

On Monday, Armstrong appeared before Mingo County Circuit Court Judge Miki Thompson who lowered his $200,000 cash only bond to $30,000, which was able to be posted "by any means." Armstrong posted $3,000 cash and was released. He has been able to return home to Florida pending any further action by the court. He has also been able to return to work and does not have any home confinement restrictions.



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