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Former W.Va. delegate sentenced to 6 months for role in Jan. 6 riot

Derrick Evans swearing in for the House of Delegates


WASHINGTON Former Wayne County Delegate Derrick Evans was sentenced to three months in jail Wednesday for his participation in the January sixth riot on the US Capitol.

Citing a video from Evans during the riot, prosecutors said that Evans was aware of the violence at the Capitol that day even if he didn’t participate.

Evans live streamed his entrance into the Capitol on Facebook. The video was later deleted but was recovered by law enforcement.

US District Judge Royce Lamberth said he initially considered a longer sentence but decided to go with the three months recommended by the prosecution.

"I don't try to be tougher than the government." Lamberth told Evans, "I have to send a message. I don't want another riot at the next election."

Evans pleaded guilty to a felony charge of civil disorder last week.

Evans was elected to the House of Delegates out of Wayne County in 2020. He resigned January ninth in 2021.

Evans will also serve three years of supervised release following his sentence and must pay $2,000 in restitution.



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