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Gov. Justice Grants Nearly $2 Million For Wayne Co. Road Repairs

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice says he has approved over $1.9 million for two Roads to Prosperity projects.

This is to correct serious slides on the highly-traveled roads in Wayne County.

One project is on Spring Valley Drive and the other is on West Virginia Route 37 at the intersection of Vernicks Road.

The Spring Valley Drive slide repair project was awarded to Thaxton Construction Company Inc., with a bid amount of $1,769,207.00. This slide threatened to destroy the road. Spring Valley Drive provides access to both a high school and a hospital. The governor’s office says it also threatened power and water lines along the road. This lead the Wayne County Commission to declare a state of emergency in the area.

Officials say this project is set to start this spring and be finished by October.

The West Virginia Route 37 project was awarded to Thaxton Construction as well for a bid of $196,000.00. This project is set to be complete by the end of July.



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