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Gov. Justice Lifts Limits On Social Gatherings

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said he is signing an executive order Monday to end many of the 91 executive orders he signed during the pandemic, including lifting the limits on social gatherings.

In announcing his decision on lifting the limits on social gatherings, the governor said people still needed to wear a mask and social distance, but it didn’t make sense to lift the number of people who can enter businesses and keep the limit on social gatherings.

Justice's last executive order limiting social gatherings had raised the limit from 75 to 100. The limitation had applied to people gathering for only social purposes.

Executive orders that will remain include:

  • Face covering requirements

  • All health care facilities and providers in the state remain vigilant with plans for surge capacity and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies.

  • Regulations pertaining to access to health care and business licensing.



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