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6 dead in Logan County helicopter crash

PHOTO | AM Stone

Route 17 was closed down approaching the crash site of a Vietnam War era chopper that killed six Wednesday evening.

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN COUNTY A helicopter crash near Route 17 near Kelly Hollow Road in Logan County killed six people early Wednesday evening.

The six passengers were aboard a Bell UH-1B helicopter when it crashed around five o’clock Wednesday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

* Logan County Ambulance Chief of Operations Ray Bryant confirmed to WOWK TV all six on board dead.

The helicopter, a Vietnam War Huey chopper, was flying passengers on tourism flights from the Logan airport.

Route 17, also named Blair Mountain Highway, was closed around eight o’clock Wednesday night with no estimated time when the road will open to traffic. The road is closed a mile from the crash site.

Multiple first responders were on scene including the City of Logan Fire Department, Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, West Virginia State Police, Department of Environmental Protection and the State Road.

Crews were also summoned from the National Highway Safety and Transportation Board and Federal Aviation Administration.

No cause of the crash has been confirmed by authorities.

* Confirmation was initially credited to Logan EMS Director Roger Bryant. Corrected.



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