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House destroyed by truck at Verdunville

A woman's house essentially destroyed by a pick-up truck on Sunday night. Police say the driver knew about defects with the vehicle a drove it anyway.

AM Stone | WVOW News

VERDUNVILLE  A pickup truck destroyed a woman’s home at Verdunville Sunday night.

A loud crash shook the houses of neighbors in the 3400 area of Mud Fork Road Sunday night when a Ford F-150 collided with a house along the roadway.

According to a press release from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Ryan Allen arrived on scene to find the destruction left in the wake of the collision. Police say 28-year-old Jessey J. Vance, of Verdunville, knew his truck had defective ball joints and a cracked frame but operated it anyway. The crash tore out a natural gas meter at the residence.

One neighbor said the truck was traveling at an excessive speed. Bruce Mullins tells WVOW News, the truck was traveling so fast his Ring doorbell didn’t even register when it passed his house. He said it sounded like a plane crashing.

Another neighbor, Debbie Baisden-Fields, was also home at the time of the crash.

"Carport, fence and everything come over on me," Baisden-Fields said. "The car acutally knocked the car port over against my house... It really looked like a tornado. He just kept tearing up as he came through."

Vance was arrested and charged with destruction of property, failure to maintain control and no insurance.

No injuries reported from the scene.

The Verdunville and Cora Volunteer Fire Departments and the Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority responded to the crash. Hope Gas also came out to repair the ruptured gas meter.

The sheriff’s office says the crash is still under investigation.

PHOTO | Bruce Mullins, Debbie Baisden-Fields & WVOW



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