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L.E.A.S.A. donates $50K to Hungry Lambs and the Red Cross

Representatives from the American Red Cross and the Hungry Lambs Food Initiative received a total of $50,000 in donations from the Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority. The money was bequeathed by a former Logan resident to be used for disaster relief.

LOGAN  An unexpected act of philanthropy leaves crisis workers with the means to help families in need across Logan County.

A former Logan resident, Alderson Enochs, bequeathed $55,000 to the Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority. The donation was made in honor of Enochs' late mother, Effie Enochs. She was a local business owner in the Deskins Addition area. She knew all too well what it was like to deal with the floods that disrupt businesses, families, and lives in Logan.

Enochs provided the donation and asked that the money only be used for disaster relief in Logan County. According to LEASA Director Roger Bryant, this kind of generosity is unprecedented.

“He wanted to do what he could to try to help disaster victims in Logan County,” Bryant said. “he specified the the money be used for food, clothing and housing for disaster victims.”

Recently, Bryant split that donation between the American Red Cross of West Virginia  and the Hungry Lambs Food Pantry service. The donations were $25,000 to each organization allowing the crisis workers in the county to provide much needed disaster relief in the face of recent fires, freezing conditions and potential flooding.

American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Angela Akers said they provide resources, food, and shelter to those in need. She said the work doesn't stop there.

“We let them know we’re here,” Akers said. “We’re that lending shoulder. We’re that hug if you need it. The mental health part, you know psychological first-aid, is just as important. The Red Cross is here and we’re not going to abandon you. We’re going to stick around.”

Learn more about the American Red Cross Central Appalachia region at

Chad Akers with the Hungry Lambs will be working with the Red Cross to provide food to disaster victims in Logan County. Moreover, he told WVOW News that the service has even more projects underway. According to Akers, Hungry Lambs will be working with the commercial kitchen in the Logan Resource Center at Peach Creek. He says he wants to help people get back on their feet and back to work.

“We’re going to do healthy cooking classes and classes on cooking on a budget to help people learn how to make food go further,” Akers said. “The main thing is to get people back in the workforce.”

According to Akers, many restaurants in the area are closed on many days because the businesses don’t have the workers to open. He says these classes at the Logan Resource Center will be free.

“Anybody that wants to come, and be trained, they’ll be certified in several different areas of the service industry,” Akers said.

The Hungry Lambs holds a regular food distribution service at the Logan County Resource Center. For updates and requirements regarding their food distribution events, find them on Facebook by searching "Hungry Lambs Food Initiative."

PHOTO | Robert Fields

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