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LCC Map Change On Hold, New Meeting Set For Dec. 1st

Maps of proposed magisterial districts posted on the wall of the Logan County Commission during a meeting Thursday. Commissioners have called for a special meeting on December first to take action on changing the districts to comply with state code.

A decision on redistricting the Logan County’s magisterial map will have to wait.

There was anticipation that a meeting of the Logan County Commission Thursday may deliver a new magisterial map for county voters, however a new state law prevented commissioners from voting to approve a new map.

Logan County Prosecutor David Wandling, acting as counsel for the commission, says a new state law sets up conditions the commission must meet before selecting a new magisterial map.

“It imposes a one time requirement upon the county commission,” Wandling said of the recently enacted law. “Notice of the proposed changes shall be published in the manner prescribed in state code 7-2-2 for a period of no less than fourteen consecutive days prior to the term of court at which time that action is supposed to be taken.”

According to W.Va. Code 7-2-2, “But before such districts shall be increased or diminished, or the boundary lines thereof changed, the court shall cause a notice of its intention to do so to be posted on the front door of the courthouse of the county, and at some public place in each district affected thereby, for at least thirty days prior to the term of court at which such action is proposed to be taken.”

A special meeting is set for Wednesday, December 1 to take action to change the magisterial districts in Logan County.

Magisterial districts divide the county’s representation and determines the residency of county commissioners and school board members.

Currently, Logan County is divided by Western, Central and Eastern districts. According to orders obtained from the Logan County Clerk’s office, the last change in boundary lines occurred fourteen years ago on June 27, 2007.

Eight maps of possible new districts were posted to the wall of the commission Wednesday evening. The maps were produced by the West Virginia GIS Tech Center at a cost of $5,000.


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