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LCC Offers First Look At Possible County District Maps

Maps of possible magisterial districts in Logan County were posted to the wall of the Logan County Commission Wednesday afternoon.

The Logan County Commission will meet today at 3 o’clock and one of the action items listed on the commission’s agenda is possible action on a new map of the county’s magisterial districts.

Currently, Logan County is divided by Western, Central and Eastern districts. According to orders obtained from the Logan County Clerk’s office, the last change in boundary lines occurred fourteen years ago on June 27, 2007.

Residents of the Tridelphia area have pursued a change in the map that divides the county for representation by individuals on the county commission and the Logan County Board of Education. Many residents like Reverend Michael Pollard and Gerald Slone contend the county should be divided to include the Chapmanville, Logan and Man to separate districts.

A map presented to the Commission of October 25 by Gerald Slone, and later credited to local businessman and Chapmanville area resident Richard Abraham, divided the county by a North, Central and Southern districts.

Map proposal 10/25

Commissioners approved contracting West Virginia GIS Tech Center to produce several maps at a cost of $5,000, however Logan County Board of Education President Jeremy Farley objected to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and the Tech Center. Farley believes the contract proposal shouldn’t have been acted upon since the contract was not listed on the agenda of the meeting.

“That was done in violation of the open meetings law,” Farley alleged during the commission meeting November eighth. “It did not appear on the agenda, and it was acted upon. Which deprived citizens the ability to know, before the meeting, it would be acted upon.”

Logan County Prosecutor David Wandling, acting as counsel to the commission, told commissioners the meeting the MOU doesn’t need to be on the agenda.

Wednesday, multiple large maps of potential districts were posted on the wall of the commission’s offices and later posted on social media.

Other items listed on today’s meeting agenda include a hiring request for a part-time assistant prosecutor and grants totaling $70,000 for the sheriff’s office and prosecutor’s office.

Meetings of the Logan County Commission are open to the public.

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