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Lincoln County boys and girls score wins today against Lewis County

The Lincoln County boys’ basketball team improved to 5-0 on the season with a 54-41 win over Lewis County at the Par Mar Shootout at the Big House at West Virginia State University today.

Jackson Sanders topped out with a game high of 15 points. Jayse Tully scored 14 points and Tanner Griffith put up 12 points for the Panther win.

The Lincoln County girls’ team picked up a win with a 64-62 final score against Lewis County at today’s Par Mar Shootout.

Lewis County’s Emma Clayton earned 27 points for the game high.

Natalie Fout shot up 17 points while Kiaura Henderson and Avery Lucas each put up 15 points on the scoreboard.

Lincoln County girls’ basketball is now 5-2 on for the season.



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