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Logan Cop Guilty Of Violating Civil Rights


A former City of Logan police officer was convicted this week for violating civil rights of a man in custody.

A federal jury found 44-year-old Everett Maynard guilty of using excessive force in the arrest of the man identified as “RW” in court documents.

According to the Department of Justice, Evidence was presented to the jury that Maynard assaulted the victim in the bathroom of the City of Logan Police Department, dragging him into another room and rammed the man’s head against a door frame.

According to testimony, the victim suffered a broken shoulder, a broken nose and a cut to his head that required staples. The attack rendered the victim unconscious.

U.S. Attorney for Southern West Virginia Will Thompson said Maynard abused his authority as a police officer and betrayed the public’s trust.

“While the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers perform their duties with honor and professionalism," Thompson those who violate the rights of others will be held accountable.

Sentencing is set for March seventeenth and carries a maximum of a 10 year prison term


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