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13 New Cases In Logan, Over One Thousand Statewide

The Logan County Health Department reported thirteen new infections of COVID-19 since last Friday.

The health department confirmed thirteen new infections of the virus through laboratory testing Monday afternoon. Active cases continue to outpace recoveries as one case previously cleared for recovery has been added again to the active case count. No more recoveries were reported today.

Logan County has 73 active cases, 3,298 recoveries and 93 fatalities for a cumulative total of 3,464 cases of coronavirus since the onset of the outbreak in 2020.

Five people are hospitalized.

New cases of COVID-19 leaped forward Monday morning by over one thousand new infections statewide.

The jump in numbers is a result of 1,037 new cases of coronavirus confirmed over the weekend. Statewide there are 4,010 active cases of the virus. Today’s active cases are considerably more compared to the same time last year when there were 1,900 active cases and no vaccine available.

Today, during his conference on COVID response Monday, Governor Justice said the surge will likely get worse during his Monday conference on COVID response

“Things are going to get really tough,” Justice said. “There probably going to continue to get tougher in the weeks ahead. This variant comes very quickly, and thank God, it leaves quickly.”

The highly contagious Delta variant of the virus has 129 confirmed cases statewide



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