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Logan Man Charged With 1st Degree Arson For Sunday Morning Fire

A Logan man was arrested for setting a structure fire in the City of Logan Sunday morning.

Logan County Deputies arrested 40-year-old Eric Workman and charged him for first degree arson in connection to a house fire on Morgan Street in Logan.

Eric Workman

The City of Logan Fire Department received footage from near by security cameras of a man setting the fire. According to the complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, A deputy noticed a man wearing similar clothing to the man in the video one street over from the fire.

Deputies met Workman at his Elm Street residence. In the complaint, deputies reported the smell of marijuana at Workman’s residence. Workman admitted to possessing marijuana, according to the complaint. Moreover, deputies allegedly discovered 11 Alprazolam tablets and 10 Suboxone strips concealed in his wallet.

Deputies reported in the complaint that Workman consented to proceed with the interview without the presence of a lawyer. Police also stated in the complaint that Workman consented to a search of his cell phone.

Text messages between Workman and an individual by the name of “John Boy Delbartent” involved a vacant house “outback” that Workman wanted assistance with setting on fire.

According to police, the messages from Workman indicated a vacant house where individuals break-in, loot and terrorize the neighborhood.

The last text message from Workman just after 9 o’clock Sunday morning said, “If your in let me know I’m about an hour it’s 9.”

According to the complaint, Workman did not really know the “John Boy” individual. Workman told police he only met “John Boy” a couple of times and further stated he just wanted him to come stay the night.

Police asked Workman what he meant by a vacant house outback. According to the complaint, Workman responded he was referencing the burnt house on Morgan Street.

Workman was charged with first degree arson and three counts for possession of controlled substances. A cash only bond was set at $7,500



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