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Logan prosecutor receives $126K grant

(FILE PHOTO) Logan County Prosecuting Attorney David Wandling and Sheriff PD Clemens in Logan Magistrate Court 2023. Wandling recently announced his office received $124,671.20 to hire an additional prosecutor and launch a website and mobile application

The Logan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office was recently awarded more than $126,000 in a Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative grant.

The grant money totaling $124,671.20 will support a two-year program to increase successful investigations and prosecutions in Logan County with the hiring of an additional assistant prosecuting attorney. The money will also increase communication and transparencey to the public with a website and mobile application, accoridng to a press release from the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Prosecutor David Wandling called the money a blessing and addressed the grant during the Monday, May 22 Logan County Commission meeting.

"We're excited about the possiblity of adding an additional assistant prosecutor and comes at zero expense to Logan County residents and zero match from the county commissioner," Wandling told commissioners.

The prosecutor also said a website and mobile app. will help the office assist the most vulnerable.

"As violent crime continues to rise in many jurisdiction, rural communities are no exception," Wandling wrote in a statement. "Rural law enforcement agencies, like ours, must address violent crime while also navigating other challenges, including personnel shortages, expansive geographic territory, and lack of access to necessary resources and medical treatment."

Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative is funded by the US Deparmtnet of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance and administered by the National Policing Institute and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. The Initiative provides funding and technical assistance to rural law enforcement for violent crimes.

Details and requirements for the position are available below and online at the Logan County Prosecuting Attorney's Facebook page



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