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Logan Sheriff's Office Receives $730,952 in Fed. Grants

Logan County Sheriff’s Department announced two federal grants totaling over $730,000.

The Office on Violence Against Women at the United States Department of Justice awarded $481,862.00 to the Sheriff’s office. The grant includes a full-time prosecutor for three years, a full-time victim advocate and money for law enforcement training. Moreover, the grant includes money for upgraded recording equipment for the Logan Child Advocacy Center and on-call pay for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at Logan Regional Medical Center.

The other grant, from The Office on Victims of Crime at the justice department, totals $249,090 for to provide a vehicle transport for victims to and from court, interviews and obtaining emergency orders. The grant also includes a law enforcement victim advocate for three years.

The grants through the justice department have no local matching provisions and will be no cost to taxpayers.

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