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Logan woman charged for not helping overdosed man resulting death

A Logan County woman is accused of not rendering aid to an allegedly overdosed man.

On Saturday, Logan County Sheriff’s deputies executed a warrant and arrested 29-year-old Kayla Michelle Tackett on a charge of failure to render aid resulting in death.

A criminal complaint stated deputies responded to an overdose in Kistler. According to the complaint, Tackett and Shane Patrick Ellis were taking crystal meth and heroin. However, Tackett said the drugs belonged to Ellis.

Moreover, the complaint states Tackett never called 911 until after she was instructed to by the stepfather of Ellis.

Tackett said she dowsed Ellis with water to revive him, according to the complaint, however Ellis died.

A witness said Tackett was searching for Narcan by messaging people on Facebook and a video allegedly corroborated the statements.

Tackett was arraigned on a $10,000 surety cash bond.


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