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Man arrested in Switzer arson case


AM Stone | WVOW News

SWITZER Man was arrested in connection to a fire at Switzer.

The fire was set in an outbuilding at Tom Steele Hollow the night of March eighteenth. The fire spread quickly to the nearby main house and wooded hillside.

According to the complain filed in Logan Magistrate Court, 42-year-old Jesse Williams allegedly was involved with accomplices stealing items from the building. Video footage caught Williams and others running from the property as the building was on fire and spreading to the home, according to the complaint.

Main Island Creek Volunteer Fire Department, City of Logan Fire Department and the State Division of Forestry handled the fire at the house and outbuilding before addressing the forest fire.

The following day, Williams allegedly returned to the property where he was questioned by a neighbor. According to the complaint, Williams admitted to setting the fire that burned the building, house and one and a half acres of mountain side.

Assistant State Fire Marshal Larry Hamrick wrote in the complaint the intention of the fire may have been to conceal the stolen property from the building.

Williams is charged with second degree arson, starting fire on the lands of another and conspiracy. All charges are felonies. Bond was set at $25,000 ten percent and surety.



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