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Man Charged With Kidnapping and Other Charges

This week a man was arrested and charged with kidnapping, burglary and numerous other charges.

On Wednesday, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic situation at Accoville. According to the complaint, 911 advised a suspect was at the location and attempting to leave with a child.

Deputies arrived at the location and found 37-year-old Edward Bare Jr.

According to the complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Bare was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with individuals at the residence.

Witnesses stated Bare entered the residence unannounced and attempted to abscond with the child.

During the struggle, Bare allegedly struck several people impeding his retreat from the premises with the child.

A family member of the child produced a court order concerning Bare.

Bare was charged with kidnapping, burglary, violation of a court order, assault during the commission of a felony and domestic battery.

Bail was set at $70,000.

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