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Man receives maximum sentence for sexual assault on six-year-old girl

LOGAN A man received the maximum sentence for two counts of sexual assault on a child.

63-year-old James Edward Rogers previously pleaded guilty to two counts of second degree sexual assault in Logan County Circuit Court. Rogers received a sentence of twenty to fifty years in prison following a hearing on Friday, February sixteenth.

Logan County Prosecuting Attorney David Wandling says the facts of the case are some of the most heinous he has witnessed since being with the prosecutor’s office or in his nineteen years practicing law.

In court, Rogers admitted to performing oral sex and digitally assaulting a six-year-old girl who thought of him as a grandfather. According to Wandling, the victim called Rogers “papaw.”

“It’s of no consequence to me that he has little to no criminal history,” Wandling told the court. “When you go from no criminal history to sexually assaulting a six-year-old, and taking pleasure in it, there is only one option for this court from my perspective and that is to impose the maximum allowable sentence in this matter.”

Circuit Court Judge Kelly Gilmore-Codispotti agreed with the state and sentenced Rogers to a sentence of no less than ten years and no more than twenty-five years in prison for each count. Rogers will serve the sentences consecutively. He will receive 938 days for time served and will be on probation for fifty years if he is ever released.

Judge Gilmore-Codispotti said the underlying crime is something the court can not take lightly.

“This is a violent crime,” the Judge said from the bench. “We have a six-year-old victim here and the court feels that the punishment should fit the crime.”

Following the sentencing, Prosecutor Wandling told WVOW News the judge handed down the right sentence.

“I think justice was served today,” Wandling said. “He is 63-years-old and he was sentenced essentially to twenty to fifty years in prison. If he is able to be released, then that will be when he is an extremely old man and will be under the supervision of the court for the rest of his life.

Wandling said adequate safeguards are in place to protect the community from someone like Rogers, even at an advanced age and poor health, if he is ever released.

“I think he will serve the remainder of his days in the Division of Corrections and quite frankly that’s how it should happen in this case,” Wandling said.




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