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Matewan and Williamson Tues. Municipal Elections Results

Williamson’s municipal general election Tuesday ended with just over sixty votes to decide the contested mayoral race.

Incumbent Mayor Charlie Hatfield defeated David Jewell to win another term as mayor of Williamson. The final count had Hatfield with 178 votes and Jewell with 113.

Council members were unopposed in the election Tuesday; Joseph Bucci is the representative from Ward One, Stuart Hight is the council member from Ward Two, Ward Three is represented by Ralphie Hall and Mike Casey will serve as the council member for Ward Four.

Meanwhile in Matewan, Incumbent Mayor Matt Moore won a full term in office. Moore defeated challenger David Hatfield by 132 votes in the final count

Moore has been serving as mayor of Matewan since December when he was appointed by the council to finish the term of Mayor Sheila Kessler following her resignation. Moore’s term as mayor begins July first.

A total of eleven candidates were running for Matewan Town Council. The winners are Michael Dotson, Angela Gooslin, Tonya Jones, Marsha Lockard and Larry Ross.



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