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Mingo Co. Schools Make Masks Optional

The Mingo County Board of Education released its decision on masks as children prepare to return to school.

Mingo County Schools adopted a Parent Choice Option for wearing masks on school buses and in school buildings.

This means masks are highly recommended but not required for students, staff and faculty on campus. The decision on whether a child must wear a mask was left up to the family.

Signs will be posted on school property with the recommendation.

Parents will be provided a Mask Choice Form to complete, sign, date and return to the school. They will be required to select one of the following options: I want my child to mask at all times during the school day, except when eating; OR I do not want my child to be required to wear a mask during the school day. Students will be required to wear a mask unless a form is submitted indicating the family choice not to mask.

The first day of school for students in Mingo County is September 7.



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