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Mother & daughter plead not guilty to Bluefield murder

A mother and daughter pleaded not guilty to murder charges Monday.

According to court records, 43-year-old Nichole Brooks and 22-year-old Isis Wallace were arraigned in Mercer County Circuit Court after recent indictments for a shooting in Bluefield.

The charges stem from the shooting death of 13-year old Maryze Unique Tatum back on March twenty-third. The pair allegedly fired multiple shots into a vehicle at a red light near the intersection of US Route 460 and Cumberland Road earlier this year. Tatum was in the backseat of the car and suffered a gunshot to the head. She later died at the hospital.

Police believe the shooting was the result of a dispute at another location earlier in the evening.

Brooks and Wallace were tracked to Delaware where they were arrested and extradited back to West Virginia.

A pretrial hearing in the case is set for August and a trial is set to begin in September.



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