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Mother's Day shooter prohibited from having firearms due to felony conviction

SOUTH CHARLESTON A woman accused of shooting another woman on Mother’s Day is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a felony drug conviction.

The shooting occurred in the Riverwalk Plaza Kroger around eleven o’clock Sunday morning. South Charleston resident, 32-year-old Lydia Spencer, has been charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment with a firearm.

South Charleston Police say both women know one another and have characterized the shooting as a “domestic situation.” The woman shot in the incident has not been identified, but police say the victim was shot in the back. She is home recovering.

Spencer has alleged she was jumped. Spencer’s pistol cylinder had one spent casing, according to police.

South Charleston Police Captain Andrew Gordon says the incident was even more dangerous because it took place in a public location

Spencer was previously convicted in 2014 for a charge of possession with intent to deliver heroin. Felons are prohibited from possessing a firearm.

She is jailed at South Central jail on $250,00 cash only bond.

Police say more charges are likely.



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