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New Southern Program Focuses on Patient Care

Sherry Bradford is shown working with new students in the Patient Care Technician course at Southern WV Community & Technical College.

PHOTO | Southern

A newly added course at Southern WV Community & Technical College is aimed at filling a gap in the medical field.

Sherry Bradford, Southern’s Academic Lab manager, welcomed 11 students to the new Patient Care Technician course on last Friday.

The course allows students to be certified in Phlebotomy, EKG, CPR, and as a Patient Care Technician.

The course is 8 weeks of classroom instruction, along with 8 weeks of clinical rotations.

During the clinical rotations, students will be in a paid apprenticeship, from the Apprenticeship in Motion (AIM) grant.

This “learn and earn” grant allows the students to be paid and receive on-the-job training. It also allows the employer to be reimbursed part of the wages for training.

This new program was added to the already established Allied Health Program by Dr. Alderman after realizing a need for Patient Care Technicians.

Dr. Alderman and Dr. Lemmon, along with Dean Saunders established the program through Workforce Development.

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