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Par Mar breaks ground on new store in Logan

PHOTO | Mike Collins

Par Mar stores broke ground Friday on a new store at the Appalachian Outpost at Rita.

Par Mar Community Relations Director, and former WVOW on air personality, Dave Allen says Par Mar has deep ties to Logan County. Besides the location of the chain’s newest store, the company’s president is Brian Waugh from McConnell and the company’s director of marketing is Logan High basketball standout Chase Hatcher.

"We've teamed up with the folks at Appalachian Outpost," Allen told WVOW News, "We're hopefully going to open up a new convenience store later this year."

The store will include gasoline, last minute convenience store items and hot food. According to Diana Barnette, the partnership with Par Mar starts another phase of the Appalachian Outpost.

"When we first bought the old Rita Mall," Diana Barnette said, "the plan was to set up an all inclusive resort with lodging and of course a convenience store."

Diana and her husband Ronnie own and operate Barnette Development that is overseeing the development of the Outpost.

The convenience store chain has been around since 1966. The store’s name is derived from Parkersburg and Marietta.


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