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Peoples Bank celebrates 120 years of banking & renovated Logan branch

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

(PHOTO | Faith Bannister)

Faith Bannister | WVOW News

LOGAN Peoples Bank celebrated the renovation of their Logan branch with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, September 20.

Peoples Bank became a part of the Logan County community in September 2021, after its acquisition of Premier Bank, and they are celebrating 120 year of business by delivering 120 Acts of Kindness to their branches. Chief Financial Officer, Katie Bailey spoke on the project.

“This year is our anniversary, so it's 120 years Peoples Bank has been around. Part of that is giving back to the community in which we serve through 120 Act of Kindness,” said Bailey. “Hopefully you've been a recipient of that and will be for years to come.”

As of August 31, 110 acts of kindness have been delivered to Peoples Bank divisions.

The Logan branch of Peoples Bank on Hudgins Street has been renovated and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Eagan, expressed his excitement on the building’s remodel.

“We finally are ready to showcase our new space,” said Eagan. “I hope you guys had come here before when Premier had it, and then see it now. It's proof we're investing here in Logan.”

Logan's Mayor, Serafino Nolletti attended the event and recognized Peoples Bank as a valuable player in the community.

“I just want to thank y'all for coming to Logan. It's a huge honor to have you in our town, and we hope to be able to work with you many, many more years.”

Eagan led guests outside for Branch Manager Carrie Adkins to cut the ribbon and participate in a group photo. Guests signed the cut ribbon for Logan branch personnel to have as a memento of the event.



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