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Power Outage Outlook for Coalfields

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Approximate number of customers affected by county (as of 2PM Tuesday): Boone: 655 Lincoln: 470 Logan: 155 McDowell: <10

Mingo: 190 Wayne: 300 Wyoming: <5 Most significant outages:

Upper Crawley & portions of Phico (Logan): ~920 (RESTORED)

Chapmanville [excluding section of Main St.] & Crawley Creek (Logan): ~470 (RESTORED)

North section of Main St. in Town of Chapmaville proper (Logan): ~65 (RESTORED)

Buck Fork-Harts Creek (Logan): ~105

Left Fork-Whitman Creek (Logan): ~80 (RESTORED)

Shively, East Fork, Big Harts; portions of Atenville and Crawley Cr. (Lincoln-Logan): ~400 (RESTORED)

Area east of Hubball (Lincoln): ~110 (7PM Tues.)

Mud River between Spurlocksville and Palermo (Lincoln): ~95 (3PM Tues.)

Wilsondale/Perry Ridge (Wayne): ~90 (RESTORED) Turkey Creek and surrounding areas: ~25

Ajax, Lenore and surrounding areas (Mingo): (10PM Tues.) Naugatuck (Mingo): (RESTORED)

Chestnut Log Hollow/portions of Left Fork-Ben Creek (Mingo): ~150 (RESTORED)

Newtown, Meador, Beech Cr. and surrounding areas (Mingo): ~580 (RESTORED)

Ridgeview to Ashford (Boone): ~540 (5PM Tues.)

Section of Big Coal River NW of Ashford (Boone): ~120 (4PM Tues.)

Sylvester (Boone): ~200 (RESTORED)

Cucumber, Newhall, Squire (McDowell): ~355 (RESTORED) Vallscreek and surrounding areas (McDowell): ~115 (RESTORED)

Coal Branch, Laurel Branch and portions of Huff Creek (Wyoming): ~70 (RESTORED)

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 2—2:00PM.

*Note: restoration estimates in bold where applicable. If no estimate is listed, the outage is still in the assessment phase. Figures updated as frequently, and expeditiously, as possible.

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