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Southern Announces Spring Dean’s List

The following students have been cited for academic achievement for the Spring 2021 semester by achieving the Dean's List at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. To qualify for the Dean's List, students must have an academic average of 3.25 or higher and maintain 12 or more credit hours.


Emily Beth Adams of Harts, Isaac C. Adkins of Big Creek, Kaitlyn B. Adkins of Accoville, Erica Renee Anderson of Lorado, Haleigh E. Baker of Chapmanville, Emily S. Ball of Man, Jenna P. Barker of Chapmanville, Chelsea T. Belcher of Chapmanville, Tiffany A. Belcher of Mallory, Brittany L. Berry of Kistler, Chase I. Berry of Chapmanville, Hollee Blair of Ferrellsburg, Kaylee R. Blair of Harts, Lisa A. Blankenship of Accoville, Isaiah L. Blevins of Chauncey, Garrett Brown of Chattaroy, Stephanie Nichole Brown of Baisden, John C. Browning of Verner, Kennith T. Browning of Holden, Trenten C. Browning of Harts, Zoe T. Browning of Logan, Bethany D. Bryant of Logan, Rachel M. Bryant of Chapmanville, Brookelyn R. Bryant of Accoville, Sarah E. Butcher of Gilbert, Keirsten Campbell of Delbarton, Canterbury, Alexis J. Canterbury of Logan, Melea Jade Carter of Stollings, Matthew A. Carter of Oceana, Nicholas P. Carter of Chapmanville, William J. Carter of Peach Creek, John C. Chapman of Gilbert, Kaitlyn Coleman of Isaban, Joseph Michael Colley of Omar, Carrie Collins of Chapmanville, Emily M. Collins of Man, Sheena M. Collins of Harts, Stephen Michael Collins of Chapmanville, Summer M. Collins of Logan, Isabella G. Conn of Man, Julie A. Coombs of Logan, Sarah Copley of Whitman, Tiffany R. Copley of Cylcone, Travis R. Craddock of Foster, Haley M. Crum of Holden, Joseph T. Curry of Yolyn, Talena D. Curry of Chapmanville, Olivia G. Dalton of Chapmanville, Piper Q. Dalton of Harts, Madison Faith Daniel of Williamson, Blake Davis of Kermit, Christian L. Davis of Belfry, Terri Y. DeFlumeri of Amherstdale, Terri Nicole Dempsey of Harts, Gwendolyn Renee Deskins of Henlawson, Harli R. Dingess of Chapmanville, Cameron Oneil Dodrill of Chapmanville, Briyan S. Doss of Stollings, Maggie N. Doss of Verdunville, Teena Loraine Dress of Mt. Gay, Holli Nicole Eplin of Omar, Brooklyn M. Evans of Pecks Mill, Farmer, Sarah B. Farmer of Harts, Fekete, Brittany Morgan Fekete of Mallory, Ferguson, Sarah E. Ferguson of Wharncliffe, Ferrell, Bethany E. Ferrell of Chapmanville, Ferrell, Jacob T. Ferrell of Danville, Jerry Dale Ferrell of Chapmanville, Preston S. Flemings of Mallory, Haley Dawn Frazier of Man, Madison Kelly Frye of Man, Zackary Payton Frye of Man, Erin M. Garretson of Switzer, Hunter A. Gibson of Yolyn, Alex Brandon Gillenwater of Chapmanville, Corey David Gillispie of Man, Leslie Hunter Goldie of Logan, Brycen Ayris Gore of Chapmanville, Erin Gore of Holden, Morgan S. Griffith of McGraws, Joseph H. Grimes of Davin, Emilee Grace Grimmett of Mallory, Amanda T. Hackney of Huddy, Herman Chad Hackney of Huddy, Hall, Dylan Hall of Chapmanville, Rebecca Lynn Hall of Lenore, Allie H. Hall of Amherstdale, Jesse Hatfield of Gilbert, Kaeli Hatfield of Matewan, Matthew D. Hatfield of Baisden, Shawna Jay Hatfield of Gilbert, Elexus L. Havis of Mallory, Benjamin J. Hensley of Chapmanville, Payton R. Hicks of Omar, Irissa M. Hileman of Omar, Patty S. Hill of Whitman, Shonta A. Holbrook of Belfry, Cassy M. Hubbard of Logan, Emily E. Hughes of Chapmanville, Garrett Anthony Human of Foster, Farrah Hunt of Delbarton, Caleb Seth Hurst of Big Creek, Elijah C. Jarrells of Turtle Creek, Sarina Dawn Jones of Accoville, Allison M. Justice of Davin, Emma Kathryn Justice of Pecks Mill, Jacob M. Justice of Chapmanville, Monica T. Justice of Man, Justin Dakota Kennada of North Springs, Alexis K. Kennedy of Lorado, Stevy Dawn Kirkland of Logan, Hannah Nickola Kolovich of Stollings, Abigail D. Kozee of Williamson, Devin John Kramer of Chapmanville, Sheila Lawrence of Mallory, Bridgette Dawn Lesher of Peach Creek, Ashley B. Lester of Oceana, Hailey L. Lester of Baisden, Hannah F. Lester of Davin, Alexus K. Lewis of Man, Ruby R. Lewis of Winfield, Gage Robert Long of Chapmanville, Preslee Danielle Looney of Logan, Noah C. Lucas of Williamson, Tiffany A. Machner of Stollings, Joshua Wayne Mayhon of Matewan, Russell Todd Mangus of Logan, Jennifer , McAllister of Chapmanville, Ashley Renee McCleese of Omar, Hannah Faith McCloud of Harts, Reagan E. McCoy of Bruno, Stergil A. McCoy of Bruno, Carrie McGuire of Gilbert, Jacob Andrew McMasters of St Albans, Callie Jo McNeely of Henlawson, Ashlee Rose McRoberts of Chapmanville, Shaylee O. Merritt of Wharton, Marissa D. Merritt of Man, Carlee Savanna Miller of Chauncey, James C. Miller of Man, Micheala Cheyenne Miller of Cyclone, Nathanael V. Miller of Morrisvale, Cassidy Mitchell of Danville, Lynnzie D. Mitchell of Bruno, Jacob North Morgan of Spring, Mollie M. Morrison of Chapmanville, Hanna Christine Mosley of Amherstdale, Kailey Mounts of Baisden, Sharanda G. Mounts of Hanover, Amy Rose Mullins of Man, Aundrea G. Mullins of Chapmanville, Krysteea J. Mullins of Harts, Mullins, Zachary R. Mullins of Chapmanville, Murphy, Heather M. Murphey of Harts, Hannah R. Nagy of Chapmanville, Desmond K. Napier of Harts, Paige Elizabeth Napier of Chapmanville, Camber Newsome of Lenore, Kristy Lynn Newsome of Verdunville, Latasha D. Nichols of Crum, Mikenna Nichols of Chapmanville, Keterah F. Norman of Hardy, KY, Alisha R. Odell of Logan, Madyson F. Ooten of Logan, Trent A. Orso of Logan, Austin R. Pack of Davin, Rita Mae Peck of Gilbert, Tobie J. Porter of Man, Sara B. Preston of Chapmanville, Sydney Brooke Pritt of Oceana, Sabrina M. Privett of Lorado, Whitney LeAnn Queen of Chapmanville, Morgan M. Rakes of Harts, Laura M. Ratcliff of Kenna, James Caleb Runyon of Holden, Bethany Ann Russell of Harts, Karen Seabolt of Sumerco, Bethany Selbe of Belle, William R. Shepherd of Pecks Mill, Kayla L. Sheppard of Dingess, Samantha Georgia Smith of Oceana, Chelsie Nicole Smoot of Chapmanville, Kabrina P. Spaulding of Williamson, Della M. Stacy of Breeden, Timothy Ryan Stacy of Man, Tanner G. Staten of Amherstdale, Brittany Jean Stone of Morgantown, Magaly A. Stratton of Delbarton, Jennifer Ann Surber of Huntington, Chloe E. Sweeney of Chapmanville, Hallie Thompson of Switzer, Rebecca R. Thompson of Wayne, Sydney Thompson of Lenore, Destini H. Toler of Oceana, Kaylie E. Tomblin of Chapmanville, Andrew William Toney of Harts, Jeffrey D. Topping of Chapmanville, Shania Hope Topping of Chapmanville, Steven Alexander Toth of Chapmanville, Olivia Katelyn Townsend of Verner, Brianne S. Trammell of Holden, Kayla R. Travis of Harts, Madison B. Trent of Logan, Tiffany Z. Turkale of Mallory, Travis S. Turner of Whitman, Kaden A. Underwood of Man, John P. Vagott of Williamson, Emilie Jane Vance of Kistler, Kimberly Beth Vance of Lenore, Kylee Varney of Delbarton, Hunter C. Viars of Whitman, Micah S. Walker of Bruno, Allison Mackenzie Walls of Chapmanville, Samuel B. Ward of Wharncliffe, Krista D. Warrix of Coal Mountain, Katelynne J. Wells of Chapmanville, Joseph D. West of Varney, Caleb Seth White of Lenore, Evan White of Morgantown, Ivy E. White of Dingess, Kiana White of Dingess, Kristen D. Wikle of Fort Wayne, IN, Leanndra Paige Wiley of Saint Albans, Kaitlyn M. Williams of Clothier, Faron K. Williamson of Pecks Mill, Paula M. Williamson of Mount Gay, Beth Ann Wilson, Savanna T. Wilson of Pecks Mill, Justin E. Woody of Chapmanville, Halei B. Woolum of Williamson, Kaitlyn Michelle Workman of Cyclone, Kaitlynn M. Workman of Logan, Cassandra B. York of Gilbert, Christen Yowler of Henlawson, and Angela L. Zickafoose of Chapmanville.


Jodi Madison Akers of Williamson, Douglas Asbury of Crum, Breanna Ball of Williamson, Isabella Ball of Chattaroy, Johnna Hope Belcher of Delbarton, Caleb F. Blevins of Belfry, KY, Lauren Bowen of Warfield, KY, Kimerly Charlene Christian of Burnwell, Dalton Cisco of Varney, Jodie L. Cisco of Delbarton, Stacy Clay of Myrtle Beach, SC, Mackenna Cline of Gilbert, Peyton H. Cline of Gilbert, Taylor Cline of Wharncliffe, Isaac Colegrove of Lenore, Marshall G. Conley of Matewan, Sabrina Cook of Hardy, KY, Erica Crabtree of Delbarton, Brittany Michelle Daniels of Mccarr, KY, Gary Wade Davis of Turkey Creek, KY, Kaitlin M. Day of Hurricane, Kasey Nicole Delong of Belfry, KY, Savannah T. Dotson of Belfry, KY, Trenton M. Earnest of Williamson, WV, David E. Estepp of North Matewan, Dawson Fahm of Belfry, KY, Jacob Gilman of Lenore, Caitlin Grace of Fort Gay, Alexia Hall of Williamson, Briona L. Haynes of Williamson, Tabitha Hitchcock of Delbarton, Meredith Horn of Williamson, Jailah R. Horton of Oceana, Crystal Jones of Omar, Noah T. Jude of Williamson, Amanda N. Justice of Williamson, Abigail King of Williamson, Brandon King of Williamson, Matthew T. Layne of Stopover, KY, Monica J. Lee of Lenore, Andrea Jeanette Lendearo of Delbarton, Chasidy Lequire, of McAndrews, KY, Corey D. Lester of Gilbert, Heather Nichole Little of Lenore, Derick M. Lyons of Hatfield, KY, Carlie Renee Mangus of Baisden, Savannah Marcum of Lovely, KY, Felicia B. May of Gilbert, WV, Niles C. McCoy of Williamson, Sonda Dee McMillen of Switzer, Makayla McMillion of Williamson, Sherry R. McCoy of Pikeville, KY, Wesley S. Milam of Williamson, Margaret B. Mollett of Kermit, Haley New of Gilbert, Corey Douglas Pack of Williamson, WV, Elizabeth Phipps of Williamson, Shyann T. Ray of Matewan, Taylor L. Robinette of Belfry, KY, Cashena D. Rouse of Williamson, Carrigan Brianne Runyon of North Matewan, Kimberly Renae Runyon of McCar, KY, Regan Savage of Williamson, Sebastien Scheeler of Edgarton, Kayla H. Smith of Hardy, KY, Melinda M. Smith of Sidney, KY, Casara R. Spry of Dingess, Arielle E. Stone of Morgantown, William Daniel Sturgell of Kermit, Celine C. Swafford of Sidney, Summer Jade Varney of Hardy, KY, Aileen Vinson of Delbarton, Kyra Wallace of Delbarton, Joshua Ryan Wellman of Williamson, Lacie White of Williamson, Cory R. Williams of Kermit, and Molly Woolum of Delbarton


Caleb Levi Adkins of Harts, Jaidyn D. Adkins of Griffithsville, Whitney LeAnn Armstrong of Ashford, Aiden J. Ball of Madison, Kelsi Dawn Bell of Hamlin, Tiffany R. Bradley of Clothier, Skylar P. Brown of Alum Creek, Brooklyn R. Burgess of Chapmanville, Stefanie Dawn Caldwell of Poca, Kara L. Campbell of Corinne, Lindsay Castle Morgan of Danville, Melinda Dawn Cook of Van, Rachel Dawn of Foster, Linnea Estep of Morrisvale, Sabrina M. Farmer of Harts, Cassidy Jo Danville, Jerry Levi Gore of Danville, Regina M. Graffius Gallagher of Madison, Ashley N. Harris of Sod, Shantelle Nikole Horton of Chesapeake, LeAnna Faye Hudnall of Foster, Jonathan K. Jeffrey of Madison, Shane Lawson Keeney of Seth, Davi Lynette Konkol of Racine, Amber N. Lambert of Danville, Wilson McKinley Lay of Madison, Christie A. Lovejoy of Julian, Jacob A. Lovejoy of Julian, Jessica R. McCloud of Ranger, Haley D. Miller of Alum Creek, Summer C. Morris of Ashford, Belinda Dawn Mullins of Danville, Shelby Nicole Napier of Branchland, Jessica Newton of Logan, David Grant Older of Foster, Mitchell C. Parsons of South Charleston, Connor J. Price of Madison, Jacob Wayne Puckett of Danville, Lewis E. Reed of Big Creek, Caleb Gregory Rusk of Hamlin, Kristin Nicole Rutledge of Tornado, Brookelyn DeeAnna Salyers of Harts, Kara J. Scarbrough of Charleston, Brodey C. Smith of Danville, Carissa M. Smith of Branchland, Colton T. Spence of West Hamlin, Jerika P. Spence of Branchland, Morgan E. Stollings of Chapmanville, Dustin Keith Stump of Procious, Reece Thompson of Danville, Stephanie Ann Wilburn of Julian, and Austin Chance Williams of Foster.


WV, McKenzie N. Bailey of Jesse, Michelle L. Bailey of Jesse, Nicole Maria Bailey of Mullens, Tonya A. Bailey of Bud, Caleb T. Blankenship of Rockview, Paula Jean Blankenship of Rock View, Lori Lee Brown of Welch, Richard D. Brown of Glen Rogers, Ruby K. Brown of Pineville, Bridget Dawn Browning of Pineville, Amber Nicole Brunty of Gilbert, Tyler L. Cameron of Oceana, Micheal Austin Cochrane of Pineville, Jade Lynn Cox of Oceana, Adam Scott Davis of Oceana, Kristen M. Davis of Coal Mountain, Keasha Hope Dotson of Kistler, Savannah Hope England of Pineville, Dylan Andrew Foltz of Oceana, Betty Vaughn Ford of Ravencliff, Chasity D. Francis of Oceana, Natasha Rae Friend of Clarksburg, Abby H. Hardy of Stephenson, Kashawna Danielle Harris of Oceana, Erin L. Harrison of Matheny, Krista Erianne Harvey of Mullens, Christine Marie Hatfield of Hanover, Johnathan L. Haynes of St. Petersburg, FL, Stephanie Nicole Hurley of Pineville, Dyllon Shaquille Kenneda of Simon, Riana N. Kenneda of North Spring, Taylor C. Kenneda of Simon, Savannah Paige King of Brenton, Elizabeth Donna Lafferty of McGraws, Alexis A. Lusk of Cylone,, Megan Danielle Marcum of Mullens, Destiny Amber Massey of Welch, Faith May of Coal Mountain, Brianna Mitchem of Matoaka, Andrew J. Stambaugh of McGraws, Taylor B. Thacker of Pineville, Lauren Mackaylie Thomas of Gilbert, Dustin Andrew Trent of Clearfork, and Hunter D. Vanhoy of Pineville.



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