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Southern Plans 50th Anniversary Celebration

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will reveal its new logo and school colors as part of its fiftieth anniversary kickoff event on Monday, September 13. The sign at the entrance to the Logan campus is currently covered with tarps and tied with ropes. Employees, students, and the community were given a chance to cast ballots on the new logo and colors last month. The winner will be revealed during the branding launch and the new sign will be uncovered.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College hits a milestone this year, and the local college plans on kicking things off in grand style on Monday, September 13.

Southern is kicking off a year-long celebration with a special meeting and press conference in the Savas Kostas Performing Arts Center on Monday, September thirteenth at 11 a.m. President Dr. Pam L. Alderman says several big announcements that affect the school’s students, employees, and the local community will be made at that time.

It’s no secret that the school has been working on re-branding the institution with a new logo, colors, and messaging. The front sign near the road entrance on the Logan campus has been covered with tarps and ropes indicating a change is coming. The branding reveal is expected to be taking place in that meeting.

“Several of us have been keeping secrets,” Alderman said. “Frankly, we’ve been waiting on approval for several things before the official announcements could be made. We are extremely excited to finally share this information with everyone."

Students, faculty, staff, and the news media are invited to attend. There will be giveaways for everyone in attendance.

“We want to give ownership of the new branding to our people,” Director of Communications Bill France said. “We have some nice items that we will be passing out.”

“We plan on making this more than just a typical announcement,” Alderman said. “We are celebrating. So expect fun, surprises and of course cake! We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

School officials plan to bring the party to its other campuses after the September thirteenth meeting in Logan.

“We will be bringing cake and freebies to our other campuses in the near future,” Alderman said. “This celebration is for all of our campuses.”

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is having custom T-shirts printed for every student and employee marking their fiftieth anniversary complete with their brand new logo and school colors. Shirt distribution will begin on Monday, September 13 during a kickoff event on the Logan campus. Several big announcements will also be made during the event.

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