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Suspect Arrested For Gun Fire At Southridge Movie

Blake Craig


CHARLESTON Gun fire was reported Sunday night at a Charleston movie theater.

Police were summoned to the Marquee Cinemas at Southridge for a shots fired report around 10 o’clock Sunday night.

Charleston Police said the suspect is 21-year-old Blake Craig of Charleston. Craig was inside a vehicle in the parking lot when police arrived.

Police alleged Craig fired one round in the hallway of the main area of the cinema.

No one was injured.

Reportedly, Craig and a friend had gone to the theater to see a movie when the shot was fired. The friend with Craig disarmed him and called police.

According to officers, the shot struck the wall and then the ceiling. Police said the gun was deliberately discharged.

Craig was taken to the South Central Regional Jail and charged with one count of wanton endangerment.

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