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Three Arrested On Drug Charges In Wayne County

Three people were arrested in separate drug investigations in Wayne County Tuesday.

He said Deborah “Sue” Brewer and Amber Wall, both of Prichard, were arrested by road patrol deputies on warrants. They also face charges including delivery of a controlled substance. Wall also was charged with driving while revoked for DUI.

Investigators say Wall was out on bond from drug charges in April. According to the sheriff, the Wayne County Sheriff Drug Enforcement Until received many complaints of traffic at the two women’s home. He said four others have been arrested in connection with activity at the home, and a fifth is still wanted.

Thompson said, in a separate investigation, Gary Odell was charged with felony fleeing in a vehicle, felony possession of methamphetamine (pseudoephedrine altered), and driving on a suspended driver’s license. Odell, of Prichard, had been out on bond for felony possession of methamphetamine.



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