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Two Men Arrested for Numerous Drugs

Two men were arrested Sunday in the Lyburn area with an array of drugs.

Sheriff’s deputies and troopers were conducting a welfare check through 911 when they observed a black Ford Explorer with improper registration parked hallway in the roadway.

According to police, the two men inside were instructed to stay in the vehicle and keep their hands in view.

The men, Sheridan Bartrum and Jamie Osborne allegedly gave false names to the officers. A search of the vehicle produced an inventory of multiple suspected drugs including: one bag of white powder consistent with fentanyl, three bags with a crystal substance consistent with crystal meth, one bag of a brown substance believed to be heroin and four bags containing suspected crack cocaine.

Bartrum and Osborne were charged with possession with intent to deliver a schedule one and schedule two narcotic and conspiracy.

PHOTO | Logan County Sheriff's Department



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