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W.Va. Gov. Calls Special Session For Mon. At Noon

West Virginia legislators were called back to Charleston for a special session by Governor Jim Justice.

The special session begins noon on Monday. One purpose of the session is to allocate a portion of the federal covid relief funds. The money is earmarked for the state departments of education and health and human resources.

Guidance from the United States Treasury allows for broad uses of the funds. According to the Treasury, money can be allocated for more than just public health. Money may be used for negative economic effects of the virus as well.

Governor Justice is also proposing an allocation of $150 million from a budget surplus the state is currently experiencing. Justice wants to put the cash toward highways.

“We’ve tried to make it as fair as we can possibly make it and absolutely cover every single county,” Justice said.

Road projects include 400 total projects in across all 55 counties repairing 742 miles of road.



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