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Woman died in crash involving car and coal truck

SHAMROCK One dead from a motor vehicle accident involving a car and a coal truck in Logan County.

A woman has died from injuries she sustained in that crash Wednesday morning (1/4/24) on Holden Road.

The Cora Volunteer Fire Department says the crash happened between the Cora and Shamrock bridges on Holden Road Wednesday morning around six o’clock.

According to the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, the fatality is an 82-year-old female. Her name has not been released due to efforts contacting family out of state are still underway.

Logan County Sheriff PD Clemens says the woman’s mini-van was traveling west on Holden Road when she lost control of the vehicle on black ice. The van collided with the rear wheel of an unloaded tractor trailer traveling in the opposite direction.

Cora and Verdunville fire departments responded to the scene. The section of Holden Road was closed for sometime Wednesday, but has since reopened to traffic.

The accident makes the second deadly crash on that stretch of road in a week.

*NOTE | This story originally contained a mistake of Tuesday instead of Wednesday morning for when the crash happened.



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