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WV 10 closed following rock slide on Logan Boulevard, DOH removing overhead rock

A massive rock slide over the weekend closed a portion of the Logan Boulevard. The Division of Highways is removing overhanging rock to prevent future slides. Detours in place have created frequent and heavy traffic jams in and around the City of Logan.

LOGAN Traffic jams in the City of Logan expected to continue as West Virginia Division of Highways continues clean-up and repair from a massive rock slide.

Logan Boulevard was pounded last weekend when a massive rock slide that covered all lanes of traffic. The slide forced the closure of a portion of WV 10 or the Logan Boulevard from Landau Lane (state police bridge) to the intersection at the Reverend Glen White Bridge (hospital bridge).

The slide occurred early Saturday morning of February seventeenth. One person had minor injuries after the slide collided with a vehicle traveling the road.

Crews from the West Virginia Division of Highways sas been working to breakup and remove the fallen rock from the roadway, but the threat posed by overhanging rock remains high.

Heavy maintenance crews have begun cutting an emergency access road to the top of the rock cliff with plans to bring in an excavator to remove the overhanging rock some seventy feet above the boulevard.

Plans currently estimate the road reopening on Monday, February twenty-sixth depending on weather and other factors.

Detours have been put in place, but the amount of traffic funneled away from the site of the slide have created traffic jams that normal activity in town is not accustomed to. “Rush hour” traffic at five o’clock each evening stretched in all directions from downtown Logan. Bumper to bumper traffic observed in the City of Logan past seven o’clock Tuesday evening.

Southbound traffic on WV 10 should take WV 10 North onto Landau Lane to the traffic lights at McDonald's and continue straight onto Water Street to get in to downtown. .

Northbound should proceed onto Dingess Street at the hospital bridge traffic lights and get onto Water Street to proceed straight onto WV 10 South.

Message boards and signage have been put in place for traffic to follow and flaggers in place to assist traffic as needed.

Motorists should adjust their commute to compensate for any delays.




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