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County BOE Special Meeting Tours Chapmanville Wed. Evening

Members of the board of education along with Chapmanville Tigers athletes and staff cut the ribbon for the new locker room at Tiger Stadium Wednesday evening during a special meeting of the Logan County Board of Education.

The Chapmanville Tigers cut the ribbon on a new locker room facility Wednesday evening.

The Logan County Board of Education conducted a special meeting Wednesday evening with a tour of Chapmanville Regional High School’s new locker room, Chapmanville Middle School and Chapmanville Primary.

Board members conducted a ceremonial ribbon cutting along with Chapmanville athletes and athletic staff.

Chapmanville High Principal Rob Dial says the facility will serve both the high school and the middle school.

“We’re looking forward to getting the 2022 football season started next fall,” Dial said. “It’s something that was much needed in the Chapmanville area for our football program to expand and do well and we’re just very happy to have it here.”

Chapmanville’s Athletic Director George Barker says the facility is top notch.

“It’s got all the proper amenities for the players, the coaches and the officials.”

The new locker room building features offices for coaches, dressing areas for officials, a laundry and training facilities.

Later, Chapmanville Middle School Assistant Basketball Coach Josh Vance proposed for board members consideration of a baseball field for Chapmanville Middle at the location of the former East Grade School.

Vance says it’s a constant battle to get time on Chapmanville High’s field for the middle school players. He said the site of the former East Grade School would be ideal and would have plenty of parking.

Vance called in favors for a site plan map generated from drone pictures and says he has volunteers ready to do some early prep work for the future site of the field.

“I have guys ready to drop equipment to move the dirt free of charge,” Vance said.

Board members did not act on the proposal because was not listed on the agenda but did ask Vance to present cost analysis of the project at the next meeting.



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