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DNR accepting antlerless deer hunt applications

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is accepting applications to hunt in limited permit areas during the upcoming doe season.

Applications for the lottery are due by midnight on August twelfth. Applicants will be notified on September first if they receive a permit. Notification will also be sent out by mail the first week of October.

A limited number of Class N stamps for resident hunters and Class NN stamps for nonresident hunters will be available.

Selected applicants will be able to hunt antlerless deer on private and public land from October 20-23, November 21 through December 4, December 8-11 and December 28-31.

The following wildlife management areas and counties are open for the drawing:

  • Beury WMA

  • Camp Creek State Forest

  • Greenbrier State Forest

  • Hillcrest WMA

  • National Forest and State Land (Nicholas County)

  • National Forest Land (Pocahontas County)

  • National Forest Land (Randolph County)

  • National Forest and State Land (Webster County)

  • Boone County

  • Clay County (South Portion)

  • Greenbrier County (North Portion)

  • Kanawha County (North Portion)

  • Nicholas County

  • Raleigh County (East Portion)

  • Webster County

Visit the DNR's website for more information:



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