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LCC declares October Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

Faith Bannister | WVOW News

LOGAN Members from the Tug Valley Recovery Shelter were in

attendance for a proclamation regarding Domestic Violence

Month at the Logan County Commission meeting Monday,

September 26.

Since 1987, October has been designated as Domestic Violence

Awareness Month. The purpose of the month designation is to

educate as well as raise awareness, but most importantly bring

support and strength to victims.

The shelter has provided safety and refuge to women and

children in the community for forty years. For those in need of a

safe place to stay, the shelter provides eleven beds and a living

space. The shelter serves Mingo County and Logan County.

Sherry Hatfield is a victim advocate at the Tug Valley Recovery

Shelter and has worked there upwards of 25 years. Hatfield was

accompanied by Domestic Violence Specialist Larissa Fraley

and Victim Services Coordinator Carolyn Williamson of the

Logan County Sheriff’s Office. The women shared numerous

statistical evidence as to how much domestic violence affects

the people of the area.

“At the recovery shelter in that period of time (2019-2020) we

served thirty children and 221 adults,” said Hatfield. “Eleven

adults stayed in the shelter, 231 people received non-sheltered

services, and there were 573 shelter nights. 1,294 service hours,

and 679 volunteer hours. And I can guarantee you the numbers

are higher when we’re not in a pandemic.”

County Commission President Danny Godby read from the

proclamation, “Only a coordinated community effort will put a

stop of erroneous crime. Whereas Domestic Violence

Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for citizens

to learn more about preventing domestic violence, and to show

support for the numerous organizations and individuals who

provide critical advocacy, services, and systems to victims.”

The resolution declaring October as Domestic Violence

Awareness Month in Logan County was approved unanimously.



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