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Logan County Commission purchases Camp Chief Logan, boy scout camp at Garrett Fork

Logan County Commission finalized the purchase of the boy scout camp at Garrett Fork

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN The Logan County Commission officially purchased of the former Camp Chief Logan, the old boy scout camp on Garrett Fork.

Commissioners sealed the deal Wednesday, May third at the commission offices on Stratton Street in downtown Logan. A total $915.000 bought the more than 800 acres of land that will be dedicated to economic development purposes, preserving history and heritage, according to a press release from the commission. The purchase was made with money from the Coal Reallocation Fund for economic development purposes.

Commission President Diana Barnette said the investment in the camp by the county started years ago.

"We actually have been providing them with $40,000 a year to the boy scouts," President Barnette said. "Adding that up over the years, I was just not ready to let that pass us by."

Barnette said the commission is committed to utilizing the camp for economic development purposes that will benefit everyone.

"We saw it as an opportunity for economic development," Barnette said. "Not just for boy scouts, girl scouts and church camps. I didn't want to miss that opportunity. There is just so many things we can do with that camp."

Commissioner Billy Jack Dickerson said the opportunity came along and they jumped on it. Moreover, Dickerson said many residents share the same vivid memories of the camp like he does.

"Gotta take advantage of opportunities when the arise. That is what we have done," According to Commissioner Dickerson. "Approximately 860 acres of, to me, some of the best memories of my life."

Commissioners say there are no current or immediate plans for the property.



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