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Logan Turns Down Test For Play Option

Gov. Jim Justice offered teams with canceled games an opportunity to play if everyone tested negative for coronavirus. Three counties said thanks but no thanks almost immediately.

Kanawha County Schools decided not to participate in testing student athletes, band members or dance team members this week for the one-time option to play or perform, according to a news release.

Kanawha schools plan to continue with practices in hopes that the overall COVID-19 numbers go down so student athletes and others have a better chance of participating for an entire season. The hope is to reschedule games from week one later in the season.

Logan County Superintendent Patricia Lucas, in collaboration with high school principals also chose to opt out of testing for student athletes and extracurricular activities, stated Darlene Dingess-Adkins, the county’s assistant superintendent.

Fayette County Superintendent Gary Hough said schools there will not be participating in the testing option either. He said the decision was made during a Zoom meeting with all coaches and principals participating.

The governor’s announcement came just after he was confronted by a chanting crowd of athletes and parents at the Capitol. Justice, in offering a one-week reprieve, said he was not bowing to pressure.



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